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ProtonMail : End-to-end encrypted email by CERN & MIT folks

Privacy is getting more and more important these days. ProtonMail is a new email service developed by a team of scientists working at CERN with the goal to provide a secure email with end-to-end encryption. With ProtonMail, even if someone steals your login password they still cannot read your email because they need the decryption password which is different! Not even ProtonMail can read your email as they are all stored encrypted on their server and decrypted on your PC when you download them. It’s protected by the Swiss privacy laws, offers full anonymity and other cool security features.

I just got mine after sending a request for an invitation and contributing to their indiegogo campaign which has already raised twice the targeted amount!

Go get your own and feel free to p-mail me at christos [-dot-] lazaridis [-at-] protonmail [-dot-] ch