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Unison 2.40.63 for 64-bit Fedora 16

While searching for a good program to synchronize directories over network, I discovered Unison. Unfortunately, the version existing on the Fedora 16 repositories is disappointingly old.  After some Google search, I found packages here but a) they were built for Scientific Linux (no bother here) and b) the GUI would not appear.

So, I took the source RPM for the 2.40.63 version from the above link, made a small modification to the .spec file and compiled it for 64-bit Fedora 16 (right-click here and save). Works for me, I hope this helps some people out there.

So, if you are looking for a way to synchronize directories locally or over network I definitely recommend giving it a go.

UPDATE (8/6/12): I did the same for Fedora 17: You can grab the 64-bit RPM or the one with debug-info enabled as well.