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Fedora 9 Released! Let’s make waves!

Due to the special circumstances though (I like my KDE 3.5 desktop and although I am thrilled by KDE4, I am still unconvinced it’s ready for everyday use) what I did was to download the KDE Live ISO image, and I install it on my USB stick using this script by katzj which also allows you to save data on the USB stick (allows persistence).

So, I’ll test it and decide if I’ll move into KDE4 or stick with Werewolf till Fedora 10.


Fedora 9 Countdown WordPress Widget!

After finding this counter at the Fedora website, counting down the days until its release, I tried to create a very simple WordPress widget to help you add this counter to your sidebar.

Just grab the Fedora 9 countdown WordPress widget, decompress it in the wp-content/plugins/widgets directory of your blog, enable it from the plugins list and then from the Design -> Widgets add it to your sidebar. Remember: you’ll need a widgets-enabled theme for this to work!