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Razr cut (or Mini Motorola Rarz review)

A month ago I decided that I couldn’t bear any longer with my current cell phone (and carrier). Moreover, I had enough with all those bulky cell phones that can do almost everything (mp3, organizer, game-machine etc etc and yes… also phone calls). I didn’t have to look much. I already knew about the Motorola Razr hype… I wasn’t entirely convinced though. I started looking everywhere… forums, reviews, motorola modding websites…

(Almost) everywhere I was reading positive opinions about Razr (v3). To name a few:

  • Design (did I really need to mention that?)
  • Reception (I need that! – who doesn’t actually?)
  • Durability (changing phones too often is not my kind)
  • Modding (I hate “sterile” phones that have everything locked)

So, after some research and not too much thought I ordered it. Amazon had it free after rebate so that was my pick. It arrived and the very first day I received it I had updated its firmware, changed the English menus to Greek (besides being my mother tongue it also confuses everybody else to use it!), used the USB port to import all my contacts and was feeling happy for my choice.

Some remarks now on my general opinion about razr’s usage:
The keys have a very nive feeling, although it seems pretty awkward in the beginning I got used to it really fast. I don’t like the feel of the SMS viewing… my old siemens still feels unbeatable. The organizer is really good and the outlook synchronization flawless. The phone catalog is ok, but during synchronization the Greek names were “cut” after the 11th character. Also, the multiple-phones-per-record system does not work or look that good…
The reception of the phone holds up to its reputation. I didn’t like the volume of the earpiece (too low for my ears) but it is easily customizable with software (P2KTools — if you have Razr it’s a must).

Let’s mention the bad things now: After 3 weeks of usage the phone suddenly started behaving weird… the screen wouldn’t turn on, or if it did, the phone would freeze after a while, or if I pressed the 9 or # keys. I had read complaints about such issues but not from many people. I emailed Amazon and they swapped my phone right away (considered dead-on-arrival I suppose).

Overall I am satisfied with Razr but I am still concerned about what happened with my first one and how will this turn out to be. I shall update later if anything comes up…