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KDE Service Menu: Image resize

This is something I was discussing with my brother about a week ago: he asked me if there is an easy way to resize a bunch of images straight from the file browser on his brand new linux installation. He could do this on Windows so there should be an easy way to do it on Linux as well, right?

Assuming that someone else has already done the dirty work, I tried to look for the service menu and point him to it. No luck. I was already aware of the “Convert to” service menu which could change one image type to another (VERY useful!) but for the life of me, I could not discover one to simply resize images (if you’ve made one and I failed to discover it, sorry!).

However, the beauty of not finding something is that you can do it yourself in Linux, right? Right!

Just put resizeImage.desktop in your ~/.kde/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus folder and you’ll see a “Resize” submenu appearing in “Actions” the next time you right-click on a JPG or PNG file in Dolphin or Konqueror! Enjoy!

Your images will not be overwritten but a new, resized copy will be created. Available sizes are: 1600, 1024, 800, 640 and 320 pixels (largest image dimension).

To get me started on making this, I used the really good KDE Service Menu Editor.

Fixes, improvements, suggestions appreciated!

ps. junior, this’ll work on KDE file browsers only, so time to leave Gnome behind :p