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Κοψοχρονιά! $100 για τη Βίσση!

Πάρε κόσμε! Μοναδική ευκαιρία! Για μια και μοναδική εμφάνιση η Άννα Βίσση στο Chicago! Τιμή εισιτηρίου $100 για εξώστη και $120 για πλατεία! Όποιος πρόλαβε τον Κύριο είδε!

vissi banner

Και μη χειρότερα δηλαδή… Αν ήταν να πάω θα ήταν για το Ξ–αχαράτο και όχι για την Everything I Am.

Και άλλοι παραπονιούνται ότι στην Ελλάδα έρχοναι οι Metallica, οι Scorpions και δεν ξέρω και εγώ ποιοί άλλοι και βάζουν εισιτήρια 40, 50 και 60 ευρώ… Βέβαια παίζουν σε χώρους διαφορετικής χωρητικότητας αλλά χίλιες φορές να δώσω 2*60 να γουστάρω δυο φορές αυτούς ακόμα και από την πιο μακρινή κερκίδα του Καυτατζόγλειου (από Θεσσαλονίκη είμαι λέμε!) παρά το κατοσταδόλαρο. Ξου από δω.


Two days in Chicago

Finally! After a year and a half in the US, I managed to go to Chicago and visit most of the places I wanted to go. Thanksgiving break was a perfect excuse and we took advantage of it perfectly.Arrival: 8:30am At union station. A second “wave” would be arriving 2 hours later so we grabbed the oportunity and we visited the Sears tower right next to it. The view was spectacular:

View from Sears Tower

As soon as everybody was in Chicago, we started walking (and walking and walking…): Starting from the Grant Park, Buckingham fountain (unfortunately – and naturally for this season – not working), then to Millenium Park and Navi Pier. From there we took a boat for a 30-min. cruise. The view was really great and a must for anyone visiting Chicago I think.

Navy Pier

At that point some people started getting hungry and tired (pfff!) so we decided to head back to the Union station since some would go back, but also because we had promised ourselves to eat at Chicago’s Greektown. Following Mina’s recommendation who has been there before, we went to Venus restaurant. There we found everything we could hope for: really good Greek and Cypriot food which I accompanied with a retsina (Malamatina!). A galaktompoureko for dessert ended a perfect meal.

After leaving the others at the station we headed for John Hancock Observatory… I have to say that I enjoyed it way more than the Sears tower. First of all because Chicago is much more spectacular in the night, but also because of the location of the building and the fact that it has an open-air room where you can feel how it feels being 300m high!

Chicago by night

Next morning we got up and had a classic Greek breakfast with Tyropita and Greek Frappe (made with imported Nescafe!) at Artopolis. We spent the rest of the day at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. Definitely recommended. We spent only 3 hours and a half there but we saw only 3/4 of the museum and some of them really quick. If you plan to go there give yourself plenty of time.
When we were leaving I promised myself that I’ll visit Chicago again… there are lots of places I didn’t get the chance to go; but even if that was not the case, Chicago is a city I really liked and I hope I’ll have more chances to come back in the future!