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My Canon PowerShot A620 review

Canon PowerShot A620. My new digital camera. Below, you’ll find my experience with it after one week of playing with it.

After a lot of research (I was also considering PowerShot S80) I finally bought it from ZipZoomFly along with a high-speed 1GB Kingston SD card. I prefered A620 for its better price (around $100 less) and (slightly) better optical zoom (4x vs 3.6x). One more important thing was that the S80’s converter for extra lens didn’t make me feel very confident by the way it looked.

It is not my first time with a Canon. My first digicam was a PowerShot S50 which now is being tortured at the hands of my brother :). I also bought a PowerShot A520 for my girlfriend a few months ago.

Yes I am a Canon fan and YES I do like the PowerShot series. Well priced-cameras packed with features.

Also, my experience with ZipZoomFly was excellent. After all, I had already bought stuff from them before. Their packaging is good and delivery even better (2nd day free!). Also, their prices may not be the cheapest, but very close to the lowest ones I found. Don’t hesitate buying from them.

Going back to the camera, I must say that compared to my S50, A620 feels more bulky. It certainly cannot fit my jeans pocket (at least not without risking tearing it!). However, it is not that big to make you feel uncomfortable or as if you’re carrying a brick. The grip of the camera is good and the controls are well-placed. If you’ve ever used a PowerShot, the software is the same (meaning easy-to-use and straightforward). Also, the use of AA batteries is a + for me. They are easy to find everywhere and I am still with my first set of NiMH since day 1. And, trust me, I’ve been playing with it a lot the last week!

As for the photos, I may not be an expert in image quality, but I know that I like what I see. The pictures I took are crystar clear with very good colors. A620 carries Canon’s new processor DigicII which means more effects (the color swapping thing is great!) and faster operation. It also means that it can record video at 640×480 @30fps without a glitch. The unfortunate thing is that Canon insists on uncompressed video which means LARGE files. We’re talking for approximately 1.7MB/sec!

The only bad impression I had so far was from Canon’s software which I already thought as useless. With previous versions at least I had no problems with the recognition of the camera by the software. Now, starting with ZoomBrowser EX v 5.5 there is a new OS service added called Canon Camera Access Library. And that change obvioulsy affected lots of other components because the software doesn’t work with my camera (on my pc – I installed it in a computer with Windows 98 and it worked). I am already working with Canon support on this but without any luck so far. I’ll update any changes in the status of this. Actually, the only thing that I wanted to change was the owner’s name (which I did) so now I don’t really care since I use a card reader to transfer the images.

I had the perfect opportunity to try my new camera during a recent farm visit (thanks Amanda!). You can find (resized) sample pictures here. Full-resolution sample pictures are easy to find.