A few more days!

Almost there! A week from now, this time I’ll be writing the last final of the semester (on Data Structures)… around 9pm it’ll all be over! And two days later I’ll be flying to back home! This time I really can’t wait to go back. It was a really hard semester with much more courseload than before (3 courses instead of two) and also being a Research Assistant, where I haven’t done all the work I wanted to due to various reasons. By the looks of it next semester will be of the same type. Anyway, I know I owe you the last article on CMS… and I also want to write some more things on the experiences I had with the latest version of Fedora Core (6) that I’ve been using since it was released… I also want to try creating a true Hellenic part in my blog… maybe in a separate tab or something… but I don’t want to mix the two because it’s going to be chaotic!

But all these will happen when I find some really SPARE time!


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