How stupid can some people be? (part 3 and final)

This will be the last post in this series. I guess everybody has already shaped an opinion and I’ve expressed mine. Today I read a (different) story about a blogger whose identity was revealed by another blogger (and also a publisher) who was offended by some of his comments. The result was that the first one was fired from the paper he was working. I haven’t followed that one too much to express an opinion, but all these prove (to me at least) that the Hellenic blog scene is way past its innocence period. The fact that us Greeks have a natural ethnic tendency to start and keep conflicts makes me wonder why this didn’t start earlier. Some may prefer this situation; may find it more interesting. I just hope things will get better.

Actually I started this to tell you about an interesting article in Kathimerini with the title Electronic Sensorship (babelfish translated). There you’ll find the name of the offending blog but also the name of the suer. I don’t have anything else to add but that I agree with Mr. Mandravelis. I’d also like to point you to an interview Mr. Tsipropoulos gave to Naftemporiki (I tried but for some reason babelfish translation wouldn’t work; sorry).

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