FC6, MPlayer and XShape

Just mentioning it here because I heard several people asking about it. I don’t take credit for this possible solution; I found it in the Fedora forum:

So, if you’re using Fedora Core 6 and you get an error that your system doesn’t support the XShape extension you can probably fix it (and fix transparency issues at the same time) by adding to your /etx/X11/xorg.conf the necessary stuff to enable desktop effects (Compiz & AIGLX). You don’t have to enable the desktop effects themselves, just the settings for them. So, what you have to do is:

To the module section, add:

SubSection “extmod”
Option “omit xfree86-dga” # don’t initialise the DGA extension

To the Screen section add:

Option “AddARGBGLXVisuals” “true”

If there is no Extensions section (like my case) create it, otherwise add only the middle line:

Section “Extensions”
Option “Composite” “enable”

Also, I don’t know if it makes any difference at all, but I removed livna’s nvidia drivers and used the ones from freshrpms. If doing only the steps above doesn’t work, try doing this as well.

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