How stupid can some people be? (part 2)

Update: I wrote the previous post in the morning when I woke up… I was trying to get ready to leave for work so I was pretty hasty. Let me talk about this a bit more: is a website that offers nothing more than a directory for Greek blogs and an RSS feed feature. Apparently someone (and from what’s implied it’s someone well-known) who was satirized in one of the blogs that was pointing to, decided to sue Mr. Antonis Tsipropoulos, the owner of just for linking to the “offending” blog! For this reason, and thanks to the bravery of the Hellenic authorities, the hard disk of was confiscated and Mr. Tsipropoulos was put into custody!

This whole thing leaves me just speechless. I mean, okay, the person who sued may be completely ignorant of how the internet world works… This whole thing could be a well-played farce but unfortunately is for real. Reminds me of another big fiasco (the story about DWG Dirty Works Greece website).

Sometimes I feel really proud to be Greek (just look at some of my September posts) and some others I just want to know my head on the wall with what I hear happening… Unfortunately it’s one of those days that the second thing happens. If I find more information about this I’ll post it.

Apparently the website now shows only a “Website Censored” notice. I copied the text from my friend pitsirikos, did a rough translation with altavista’s babelfish and some quick corrections (expect far from an error-free text!) and here it is:

INDICTMENT AT BLOGME for the content of other blog through his pages

An incident of internet censorship, afterwards Singapore and China, now and in Greece. received a lot of messages and questions with regard to (provisional) interruption of its operation. I mention the answers, avoiding however, currently, the publication of names and details about the incident.
The Printed and Electronic Press, the EEHJ, Greek blogs and the International Internet Press (regarding computer science topics), will be informed in short time and in detail for the subject and the persons, after the completion of legal processes.


Recently, a public person prosecuted the for libel and obscene satirical content.
This person was satirized through the pages of some other blog, which were registered in directory the Blogme and in the services of RSS feeds. As result followed: process of court of flagrant crimes, confiscation of hard disk, eve in the detention room and presentation in District Attorney.


Withour previous notice from the suer (for reasons of regulation of affair, techinical or not explanations) came to my place unforeseen visit from police officers of prosecution of electronic crime, at the presence of a public prosecutor.
(Being person in charge management of Blogme, and not having something to be afraid of of hide, there existed published my complete contact information – as they will exist after the site reappears).
After became relative research, preliminary investigation and attachment of hard disk, an arrest followed.
Under the escort of police bodies, I was led end, to the General Safety Athens GADA (Athens police centrals).
Following the processes of court of flagrant crimes (imprints, relative plea, etc), I was promoted for the overnight stay in the detention rooms. The next day, and by the process of photographing, wearing handcuffs, as it forecasts the process, I was then led to the district attorney, where was ordered further research of affair.


It is the first time in the world chronicles internet where was practised penal prosecution for site sylogi’s information that technically it is not possible to relate itself with the content of guaranteed web pages.
Until today, in no democratic country has not existed similar prosecution from offended person, only that in authoritarian arrangements. Relatively, as more recent examples we have Singapore and China.
The cases of indictments however, concerned himself persecuted that was also himself the administrator blog, and no the means of concentration blogs and collection of information,as is Blogme.

Noteworthy, that while certain users blogs exploit the services of Google in order that with words keys are presented results with a view to satirize international persons as the G. Bush, Greek parties and ministers, no one from these was not turned agaings Google and its services, because thoughtful is gullible.
Contrary to the case of Blogme where exists a unprecedented make of legal juxtaposition.

The medium internet user, knows the obvious way of operation of anyone of website collection of information as is the Blogme. It knows who is his object, and also it knows that his aim is to collect information. Also, it knows that it is unthinkable to be accountable certain proportional website for content that do not exist in in same website, but in other removed web pages or blogs, where does not have the responsibility her management and is not signed jointly.

Any also medium user knows that the case blog (personal electronic journal), constitutes what says himself the word: personal timetable, expression and ideas. And that internationally, is possessed by the same particular “rules of” personal responsibility of content and private expression, that differentiating from the simple web page.
We believe that the any offended person, if it does not know, owes to investigate and to be informed, beforeit proceeds in the any energy. I am not compelled to repeat this their moment internet “rules” that distinguish blog, and his relation no, with site collection of information as is the Blogme. For an any interested, visit in the terms of use blog, or company that him entertains, or him it provides the free application, it can him it gives a fast answer.
The result of this selective penal prosecution, is the Blogme of becoming unique website collection of information, that raises the weight of this energy, ana’mesa in the hundreds that exist in Greek and world internert. Many, from which, they present with various ways, results of controversial blog and with services of storage.
The moment where controversial blog exists in the bigger Greek of sites collection of information, and while blogme he is alone that was prosecuted, however do not support the penal prosecution of also these. Blogme following the international deontology that it distinguishes sites collection of information, it does not bring no opinion so much for concrete blog, what for no other blog, as well as content of other web page that it is not signed jointly.


The affair of indictment of enantj’wn Blogme you connect immediately perj’ the freedom of press and the society of information We mention apospa’sjma from PRESIDENTIAL DECREE YP’ NO 131 (OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC A? 116/16.05.2003)Prosarmogi’ in the Directive of 2000/31 Eyrwpaj’koy’ of Parliament and Council with regard to certain legal aspects of services of society of information, same the electronic trade, in the internal market. (Directive on the electronic trade). 4. Responsibility of intermediaries of benefit of services. Article 11 Simple transmission

1. In case of benefit of service of society of information of resultant in the transmission of information that he provides the recipient of service in a network of communications or in the benefit of access in the network of communications, does not suffer responsibility of institution of benefit of services with regard to the transmitted information, under the terms that the institution of benefit of services:
a) it does not constitute the starting line of transmission of information,
b) it does not select the recipient of transmission and
c) it does not select and does not modify the transmitted information.

2. The activities of transmission and benefit of access that is reported in paragraph 1 include automatic, intermediary and provisional storage of transmitted information, to the extend the storage serves exclusively the realisation of transmission in the network of communications and her duration does not exceed the time that is legitimately essential for the transmission.


The indictment which to me was practised I consider that is offended the prestige and my dignity, so much in personal and familial, what in professional level. The attachment of hard disk led to my professional collapse of (personal enterprise subsidised from program of unemployment of ORGANISATION FOR THE OCCUPATION OF THE WORK FORCE), with irreparable professional and economic consequences. My reliability was shaken against my customers. Believing that the indictment was started against his blogme because ignorance and his error of correlation with controversial blog, as well as recognizing the right that provides the law in the any offended citizen to turn legally to his defence, Blogme it will not proceed in no legal movement of impressiveness of defensive character, (as ph false accusation), before the hearing of affair, only that afterwards the end of this.

Because of everything mentioned above, that reflects the present situation, the Blogme, it is committed to publicise the details and the persons of affair in the world web and in the public media, after the completion of legal processes and it is held the right to respond with each legal energy, afterwards the end of hearing, via his re-establishment, wishing the solution they give the responsible courts.
Antonis Tsipropoulos

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for the translation above! I repeat: this is an automated translation from Altavista’s babelfish to which I just changed some words that failed to translate. I haven’t done ANY proofreading and I would never be able to since I lack the knowledge of law jargon.

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