Xandros Linux

I may not be a Xandros user (Fedora Core 6 is on the way, yipee!!! — I’ll be posting when released) but as a Greek I have to mention this. While killing my time in Wikipedia, I read that the name Xandros comes from the Greek island Andros that is part of Cyclades. Quoting from a post in their forums:

According to their PR person, the name is a combination of X and Andros; X as in the windowing system and Andros as in the Greek island named for the divine hero who settled there. Ming Poon noted that they like to think of Xandros as being the start of a new desktop model. Not to be outdone, Michael Bego (VP of Sales and Marketing) observed that the X also applies to customers, as in ex-Windows users.

Could it be because of the Greek (at least his name is unmistakably Greek!) CEO?

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