I love physics!

Okay, this is not a revelation for me; I knew I love physics long ago! This is however the first time I get involved so much in a research project an I really love it. For those who don’t know I am working with the CMS group of UW-Madison. Digging into the secrets of the detector, the physics processes to be studied, the software used to achieve all these. So far this is exactly how I dreamed my life to be and I really enjoy it.

CMS LogoCMS Logo

So, what I’ve learned so far? I’ve started learning how to use the simulation software of CMS, CMSSW, I’m getting better at using Root and of course learning some physics in the meantime! One thing that makes me sad is that so far I had no serious particle physics courses (I’ll take my first one this fall) and some things that I could notice are just slipping from my attention. Of course I keep a detailed journal of whatever I am doing and so far it has helped me a lot – looking at your own thoughts/notes on later times besides the obvious benefit of not forgetting stuff, it gives you the opportunity to think them over again and again, rebuild and improve them.

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