A Greek granma true work of art!

If you are in Leeds or nearby, make sure you visit the 25 degrees art exhibition. What’s so interesting about it? Among the 25 art exhibits you’ll have the perfect opportunity of finding out about everyday life in Greece from a true Greek granma! Janis Rafailidou is using her 80-year-old granny Athena as a “living sculpture” for her Leeds University art graduation show.

Granny Athena

Giagia Athena (Giagia means granny in Greek) said yesterday: “In Greece we would do anything for our children. So being here and doing this doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a little strange at first but after a while you just relax and forget about everyone else.” Athena “lives” in a reconstructed Greek kitchen surrounded by olives, fresh bread and home-made Greek marmalade. At the same time images of domestic life in Athens are displayed on TV-screens.
When asked, Janis said: “I had wanted to bring the looks and smell of Greece into the space here. I thought ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I could take my grandmother to Leeds.’ When I suggested it to her it was almost a joke but she said ‘Yes I’d love to’.

Links: mirror.co.uk, Leeds Today, Pathfinder (Greek)

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