Back to work

After 2 weeks and 2 days of vacation in Greece I returned to Madison. My summer plans: make the best out of my RAship and study for the upcoming qualifiers in September. This means that I’ll have to brush up my C++ skills; I haven’t done any programming for a year or so. Learning to use Root more effectively is one more goal. I’m pretty excited about this; research is what I really love in Physics and getting involved in a big project as CMS thrills me even more. I’m currently at the stage of looking at some Root tutorials and reading about Higgs channels and Supersymmetry and LHC and… and… and… (lots of stuff to mention! – swimming in Hellenic seas was replaced by swimming in printouts!)

One last thing: While I was in Greece I did a 4-day trip to the island of Skiathos (with a few-hours visit to the island of Skopelos as well). It is a wonderful place with amazing beaches and terrific people. I am sorry I didn’t have enough time to visit the inaccesible (by car) places like Lalaria and Castro, but Vromolimno and Coucounaries were amazing. If you like people and buzz, a visit to Skiathos is definitely recommended (it’s even better if you go there mid-summer — it wasn’t very crowded this time of the year). Skopelos is a more picturesque and relaxing place to visit. As usual, you can check out some of the photos I took. Oh… and I’d like to send a “Hello” to Lisa – you’ll hear from me soon 🙂

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