Opera9 Widget: Bradford Knows!

Some days ago I talked about the status of Opera 9 builds and their progress. In fact, everything is getting better and better, but this is not what I wanted to talk about today. After downloading the latest weekly build, I thought of giving the widgets list one more look. Until now, my favorite was the Pandora Radio widget. It still is, but now I think it has a partner: He’s called Bradford and he’s a sweet-looking monkey! No, I am not getting crazy…

Bradford thinking

So, what does this monkey do besides looking good? He eats URLs! And just like Pythia (the priestess at Apollo’s oracle in Delphi) who was chewing laurel leaves to give her prophecies, this monkey eats the addresses that you feed it and gives you any relevant information it can find! And of course, if you’re interested in more things he can find for you, just ask for more! (Trust me, his answers are probably better than Pythia’s back then!)
Bradford looking at krizhere.com

Well, okay, sometimes what Bradford says is pretty laughable, but hey! He’s still learning! 😉 I suggest to all those of you out there who are using those weeklies to give Bradford a chance he’s worth it! The rest of you may have to wait until the final release of Opera9 to find out what this is all about!

Where does he find all this cool stuff? Well, he searches at the same places we all do: Amazon for Books, DVDs, Music, Software and Video Games, Flickr for photographs, Yahoo! for general stuff, Altavista’s Babelfish for translations, the Universal Translator for… ummm… other translations.

When I asked about digg.com, he popped an archive of a wikipedia discussion about it…

bradford about digg.com

If you decide to give Bradford a chance do it with the right attitude: Have fun with him!

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