World’s unluckiest XBox owner strikes back

MIGHTY MICROSOFT has been caught on the back foot after one of its most unlucky customers has managed to take his case to court of public opinion and win.

Despite claims that the XBox 360 is not as reliable as it should be, the Vole has denied that there was any real problem. When you make a lot of hardware statistically you will produce a few lemons, was the official view.

But Chris Szarek seems to have collected more than his statistical share of lemons. He is on his fourth X-Box 360 and they have all had something wrong with them.

Szarek’s notes online started to attract the attention of her majesty’s loyal press who began ringing up the Vole to ask why were so many problems. Spookily, things then started happening a lot quicker for Szarek. He received a number of calls from Volish bigwigs and his fourth XBox arrived within 24 hours after he started to complain of the death of the third one.

From The Inquirer.
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