Browser news update

Opera Labs released something 10 days ago their latest beta of my favorite browser.

My favorite new feature is the Content Blocking. Probably the only feature that I envied in firefox users. Works very easily just by right-clicking on the webpage you’re viewing and selecting the “Block Content” option from the context-sensitive menu. Choose the content you wish to block and click “Done”. You’re done!

One new interesting feature are the widgets – although I think they are still in a veeery early stage and they haven’t reached their full potential. So far, the only that has earned my respect and attention is the Pandora Radio Widget made by exorcyze. Until the final release of Opera9 to the public (around June?) there will be a very respectable collection of widgets to play with.

Including a Bittorrent client in the browser is a very smart idea but it has a long way to go until it makes me replace μtorrent.

Keep up the good work guys! For those of you who want to check it out, you can either get the beta (safer choice), or choose the latest weekly build! None, especially the weekly builds is recommended for everyday use as they may cause trouble to your system. Remember: Opera 9 Beta is not a final version and may contain bugs. Use it only on properly backed-up computers. I had no issues so far (apart from a couple of crashes) but it’s better to play it safe.

Oh! and gmail works perfectly… Until Google updates their scripts, if you want to have the full interface (with chat!), right-click in your gmail page, choose Site Preferences go to the Network tab and choose “Mask as Mozilla” from the Browser Identification dropdown list.

On other news…

The FirefoxFlicks competition has announced their winners. Honestly, I had no idea that such a competition was running otherwise I’d pay more attention to it. From the winning clips I really liked “Wheee!” by Jeff Gill and “This is Hot” by Danny Robashkin. Clever.

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