GigaPxl Camera!

I just found out about the GigaPxl project yesterday. One billion pixels! Wow!

Don’t get too excited though, you won’t be able to find such a digital camera no matter how much you search. Here, we’re talking about a custom-built old-fashioned film camera, that takes 9″ x 18″ snapshots. Then, this film is processed and digitized.

How big such an image is? I quote from their website: “If you are reading this text on a 1280×1024 computer monitor, a one-gigapixel Gigapxl™ image would be 35 of your screens wide and 22 screens tall. A four-gigapixel image is twice as wide and twice as high—that is, 70 screens wide and 44 screens tall. When printed at the highest resolution discernable by the human eye, these images range from 5×10 feet up to 10×20 feet in size. Compared to leading 6-megapixel digital cameras, a Gigapxl™ image has between 160 and 666 times the number of pixels.

Suddenly my camera feels very small!

My favorite picture is from Angel’s Window, Grand Canyon. Simply impressive…

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