WinXP on Mac

Windows XP running on a Mac!!!

So what?

As far as I know we usually we want the best of two worlds. NOT the worst! If it was the other way around then I would be really thrilled.

I am not trying to lessen narf’s accomplishment (even if I did, he still won a fain amount of money to help him forget my comment!). Technologically it is something worth mentioning, but I don’t see any big benefits for Apple users here. OK, they besides the fact that they can run games natively now… Still, no serious gamer would by an Apple in the first place 😉

And for all you Mac lovers that seem so excited about it… WHY??? You have a perfect OS at your hands and you want to waste space on your hard disks to install something that a lot of people would happily get rid of if they knew that there is an alternative – and a very good one indeed?!

On other news… I am very excited about the Fedora Core 5 release on Monday… every year linux is getting better and better and I’ll give it one more shot as a 1st boot option. Actually, it WAS my 1st boot option on my desktop, but since I got myself a laptop, I still haven’t found something that worked 100%. Wireless and sound were my major problems (I have an Asus Z71). Let’s see… 4 more days…


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