hmmmm…. 4 more weeks to go…

Yes, yes I know it’s been awhile since the last update (not that you care so much heheheh) but it seems that grad school is keeping me much more busy than I thought…In fact, I am so busy that several people proposed that I should remove the above photo since it isn’t true any more…

Several things happened the last few months and I am not going to share them with you (you don’t care… remember?!) I am going to mention the two most important things though.

1) The Greek community of the University of Wisconsin-Madison has finally found its home! It’s pretty messy so far but we’re working on it! I hope to do some serious work on it during Christmas.

2) One thing that I wanted to do for a looooong time was an on-line web photo album. I started experimenting with stuff here.

A couple more comments on the WebGallery… first I tried to do my galleries with Arles Image Web Page Creator. A very fine piece of software indeed! However when I finished with experimenting with all the options and goodies, a window popped up: REGISTER! Oh #%^@#^$%^ I forgot 🙂

Being very fond of open source, I said to my self that there should be a decent piece of open-source software for the same job…. Couldn’t more wrong! With a very quick search I fell on JAlbum. A Java application that can compete easily with Arles and even better I can also use it in Linux! The interface is ok, and in fact I find it even better from Arles. It is not an 100% open source application, but as they say… “The generic parts of JAlbum (all non se.datadosen.jalbum packages) are available as open source under the liberal LGPL license. The core JAlbum classes are however not open source.”

Works for me. Thanks guys and BRAVO for a great piece of software…

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