Dear Diary,

I just thought I should say “Hi” to you and to the people out there who are not reading (yet) … It all started… today. Well, not exactly today, but 6 years ago the first version of my personal website was born. It had a very stupid logo but I was very proud of it because I did it on my own (and I am not exactly an artistic kinda guy…):

My first logo

But today, everything is starting again. With all the new hi-tech stuff enabled (at least I intend to use them… at some point). This website intends to be at the center of my universe… Everything included (well… almost). We’ll talk about computers, about science, about Hellas (ie. Greece). Science and physics will have a very significant place here. Well, let’s see how everything works out eventually… So, Hi. ps. Comments may or may be not become available…. however, there’s always the friends book!

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